Running Time: 14 minutes

An installation and animated documentary giving multidimensional expression to the experience of three soldiers: the artist's father, an Army paratrooper in the Vietnam era, her friend Henry, an Army paratrooper in the Second World War, and her grandfather, who never directly shared his WWII experiences with her before he died.

Slideshow of the installation view:

The video consists of interviews, archival footage, and hand-drawn stop-motion animation. The installation consists of 35-foot military parachutes that transform a large performance hall into an intimate viewing space. Surround sound and reverse projection onto plexiglas immerse the viewers into the story. The result is a three-dimensional narrative, a physical, visual and auditory experience, juxtaposing imagination and the horrifying reality of war as it was and is lived and perceived in three generations.

Two-minute edited excerpt: