Mary's Tree Release

Mary's Tree is in post-production with a Fall 2019 release date expected. You can view the trailer here:





Women Make Movies

Women Make Movies accepted SEAMS as part of their Production Assistance Program. A wonderful media arts organization, they have supported and distributed the work of many independent national and international women filmmakers. Check out their exciting catalog here.


Mass Humanities Preproduction Grant

The production of Seams is still in full swing, and Mass Humanities has just awarded the project a preproduction grant. I am pleased to be on track to release an animated trailer for the film soon.


Exhibition at the Sirius Art Centre


Work from Seams will be on display at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland from 11 July to 11 August. The exhibition is a multimedia installation of a selection of the stories recorded with women in the Republic of Ireland who participated in the Second World War.

The opening is 11 July at 7pm.

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday - Friday - 11AM - 5PM

Saturday & Sunday - 2PM - 5PM

Monday & Tuesday - closed

Sirius Arts Centre

The Old Yacht Club, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland

353 21 481 3790


Seams Preproduction

Co-producer, Natalie Collins, and I are back in the States after a successful four-week preproduction trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. We interviewed 15 women on both sides of the border who shared with us their experiences of the Second World War. We spent time in seven counties, visiting the North coast, the South coast, the Midlands, the East coast, and the West coast of the island of Ireland. The women we interviewed were factory workers, soldiers, nurses, and mothers during the 1940s. They gave poignant and moving descriptions of life in time of conflict, both the global conflict of the Second World War and the local conflict of the Troubles within Ireland. In their late 80’s and 90’s, the women have an incredible strength of spirit and joy of life. It was a privilege to meet each and every one of them.